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The Curation Team

Meet the team


Abby Jarecki | President & Curator

My name is Abby Jarecki, and I'm thrilled and honored to bring Ideas Worth Spreading to life as TEDxPSU's Curator and President. A TED Talk enthusiast and listener since high school, I'm a big thinker with a drive to spread purpose and passion to TEDxPSU. I've worked to promote TEDxPSU on the Marketing Team for my past three years at Penn State, eventually leading the team as an Interim Director and Director. Many of the TED Talks I love are about future solutions to communications, hence the marketing background. My vision for the 2023-2024 TEDxPSU year? Bring a team of thinkers together to work towards something bigger than themselves while inspiring insightful conversations. Yes, it's a big feat, but I believe good things are On The Horizon...


Aditya majumdar | VP & Head Operations Director

Aditya Majumdar is elaTED to serve as the Vice President and Head Operations Director for TEDxPSU. Along with Abby Jareki, Aditya’s committed to leading a team of TED enthusiasts to deliver a conference which is nothing less than perfection. Aditya is a Computer Science major, minoring in Engineering Leadership Development. Their role entails everything from overseeing the speaker dinner, collaborating with the Human Resources director to foster an inclusive environment, to anything that will make the TEDxPSU 2024 conference an unforgettable and inspiring experience for all attendees. Before stepping into the role of VP and HOD, Aditya served as the content manager last year and as a content liaison and developer in their first year. Outside of TEDxPSU, Aditya is an active member of Camp Kesem, conducts research for the Responsible AI for Social Emancipation Lab, and is a Residential Assistant.


Abby Waterhouse | Head Talent Director

Abby Waterhouse is excited to serve as the Head Talent Director at TEDxPSU during her third year in the organization. Helping reconstruct the content development process, overseeing speaker outreach, coordinating each speaker and performer, and guiding individual speakers on their own talk is how she spends her time in TEDxPSU. After acting as the Director of Conference last year and as a Speaker Consultant her freshman year, she enjoys having the opportunity to provide a platform to speak for many voices of the Penn State and State College Community. She also currently serves as a Crisis Hotline Trainer and Volunteer at Centre Helps and 988 as well a general member in both the College of Education Student Council and Kesem Central PA. In the summer, she works in youth performance education programs to help children find their own voice.

Claire Lewis WEBSITE_edited.jpg

Claire Lewis | Head Branding Director

My name is Claire Lewis, and I am the Head Branding Director for TEDxPSU. In this role, I oversee all things branding involving the conference and manage the Inhouse Photographer, Marketing, Technology and Design teams. As far as my academics, I am a senior majoring in Photojournalism and double minoring in Entrepreneurship and Digital Media Trends and Analytics. My love for branding and multimedia goes deep, as I appreciate graphic design, photography, videography and everything aesthetically pleasing. Before stepping into my current position, I acted as the Inhouse Photographer during both my second and third years here at Penn State after joining the Marketing team my freshman year. Outside of TEDxPSU, I love design, fashion, skiing and going on walks with my dog Fergie!


Mehul Aggarwal | Treasurer

My name is Mehul Aggarwal, and I am the treasurer for TEDxPSU. I handle the financial decision related to TEDxPSU while also handling the budget of each year. I am a junior studying Data Science with a minor in business administration. I like scuba diving, sky diving, basically everything adventurous out there.

The Leadership Team

SelinCiner JPG_edited.jpg

Selin Ciner | Marketing Director

My name is Selin Ciner and I'm the director of marketing at TEDxPSU. I've been a member on the marketing team since my first semester as a freshmen at Penn State. Being able to serve as the marketing director now as a senior is a full circle moment that I am so thankful for! My team and I strive to create an aesthetically pleasing, yet clean and professional profile for our TEDxPSU socials. We'd love for you to check them out!


Alison Concagh | Partnerships Director

My name is Alison Concagh and I am the Director of Partnerships for TEDxPSU! I am responsible for managing all partnerships within TEDxPSU! I have been apart of TEDxPSU for 2 years now, and I was a liaison for Minnie Sundaram in the TEDxPSU Women’s Event last year! TEDxPSU has provided me with the opportunity to connect with amazing new people and I couldn’t be more grateful!

Mackenzie Dearmant.JPG

Mackenzie Dearment | HUman Resources Director

My name is Mackenzie DeArment and I am the Human Resources Director for TEDxPSU. I handle anything and everything internal relations! Last year, I was part of the Logistics Team. I am so excited to see where my journey with TEDxPSU leads this year! Outside of TEDxPSU, I am a Senior double-majoring in Film Production and African Studies while also working toward a Smeal College of Business Certificate. I am also involved in 46LIVE and CommAgency.

Olivia LechthalerWEBSITE_edited.png

olivia lechthaler | Finance Director

My name is Olivia Lechthaler and I am the Director of Finance! I help manage TEDxPSU's finances and corporate partnerships. This is my second year with TEDx and last year I was a member of our Logistics Team. Outside of TEDx, I am a sophomore double majoring in Actuarial Science and Accounting (which is clear proof of my love of spreadsheets). Also, I love to read, play tennis, and ski!

Harsh Maheshwari_edited.png

harsh maheshwari | Technology Director

My name is Harsh Maheshwari. I am a sophomore majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. I am technology director of TEDxPSU. My job is to edit the website, handle any technical difficulties faced and collaborate with the other teams and speakers during the rehearsal day. I love playing tennis, listening to music and also chess. 

Kyra Mayer2_edited.png

kyra Mayer | Content Director

My name is Kyra Mayer. I am a sophomore, majoring in Political Science and Journalism. I am Content Director for TEDxPSU. My job is to act as a liaison between the content team and speakers. I head the content team and act as a consultant for my own speaker. Last year, I was a speaker consultant on the team, and I have loved every moment of working with the content of the TEDxPSU conference. Outside of TEDx, I am a writer for Her Campus. And, I love to read, write, play tennis and obsess over the news!


teresa ousey | Logistics Director

My name is Teresa Ousey and I am the Logistics Director for TEDxPSU 2023-2024. I have served on the logistics team for three years, including as team manager, and am excited to take a leading role in organizing important events for the organization. I am a second-year Master of Public Policy student with a concentration in Democracy, Politics, and Institutions, and am finishing my degrees in Political Science, Criminology, and Sociology. Outside of TEDxPSU, I am a big board game fan and love putting my logistics skills to the test with new ones.

Team Members


  • Yuvraj Das

  • Amber Hee 

  • Neysha Lugo Davila

  • John McLaughlin

  • Emily Shor


  • Aviral Bansal

  • Manas Munjial

  • Chloe Antigua Nicolevila



  • Raghd Alanaizi

  • Sean Burke

  • Siya Divekara

  • Elissa Johnson

  • Madelyn Listervila

  • Vivek Mathew

  • Preyes Purbia

  • Megg Ready

  • Julianna Schweitzer

  • Magdalena Stefanos

  • Andrew Xu

  • Sara Meola

  • Dustin Sites

  • Carson Schultz


  • Aryan Butail

  • Alexis Dodson

  • Cherry Gauravaram

  • Camryn Hervey

  • Shayla Hsu

  • Breanna Miller

  • Jadzia Santiago

  • Abi Sirota

  • Cianna Stone

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