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This year, TEDxPSU presents On the Horizon. In the ever-expanding landscape of potential, along with our lineup of speakers, we are ready to embark on a journey of inspiration and innovation.

Horizons signal what’s on the brink of becoming: where the water meets the sky, where opportunity meets action, and where thoughts meet the stage.

Exploring our horizons help us approach personal and societal potential while grounding ourselves in tomorrow’s frontier. The wonder of horizons is that they’re inevitable, knowing that a new day will always arrive. Amidst sociopolitical polarization, a new age of Artificial Intelligence, and a restructuring of institutional democracy, we find solace in uniting as a community to think deeply and act critically in the face of a new day.

The ideas you will hear at our conference are rooted in research and data, as well as insights on the human experience. We analyze the days of the past, critique the urgency of today, and seek solutions for the future’s promises by challenging norms and discovering new perspectives.
These pursuits of resolution are grounded in the present with a sky of opportunity — approaching infinity— where we find ourselves and each other.

TEDxPSU aims to inspire the Penn State and State College community to relentlessly pursue our own horizons.


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