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TEDxPSU: A World of Opportunity

by Sophia Darkes

TED is a global community that has been sharing ideas since 2006. Since then, many branches have stemmed off from the main TED talks, including our own TEDxPSU, with our very first talk occurring in 2010. Over a decade later, we continue to host annual conferences while adhering to our mission of spreading the ideas worth sharing of voices both big and small.

The speakers at this year’s conference, Blurring the Line, continue to embody the goals of TEDxPSU. As a branch of the larger TED organization, here at Penn State we specifically focus on local communities and personal ideas and the way that they can make a global impact. For instance, Claire Chi, one of our speakers at Blurring the Line, is a junior at the local State College High School. Then we have another speaker, Renee Fronhert who will be heading out to space next year. Although these two speakers have vastly different experiences and backgrounds, one of the many things that they are united by is with their global impact beginning with sharing their ideas with the local Penn State community. Chi and Fronhert are just two of the many other speakers we have carefully selected to speak at this year’s conference, because our speakers embody our mission.

Beyond just the speakers, even the team members who work behind the scenes to make the conference possible truly bring our values to life. By working together and forming meaningful relationships with each other and the State College community in the process of making the conference a reality, our team too, shares their own unique ideas that create meaningful impact.

Here at TEDxPSU, we implore you to share your ideas and engage with ideas worthy of being shared. We encourage you to take the first step of many to make a global impact starting with local ideas by attending our Blurring the Lines conference.

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