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Rachel Cole is a junior at Penn State double majoring in Secondary Mathematics Education and Mathematics with a minor in French. Rachel's passion for TED talks and their unique ability to connect people across the globe is what brought her to TEDxPSU three years ago and what continues to inspire her today as Curator. In addition to her role as Curator, Rachel was TEDxPSU's Programming Director her sophomore year and a programming team member freshman year. Outside of TEDxPSU, Rachel leads backpacking trips through Penn State's AURORA Outdoor Orientation Program and is involved with the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program. In her free time, Rachel enjoys exploring new trails, playing new instruments, and learning to speak different languages. Rachel can be reached at



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Assistant to the Curator

Leah Miller is a senior at Penn State majoring in Data Sciences with a minor in Bioethics and Medical Humanities. Leah has always enjoyed TED talks and joined the TEDxPSU programming team during her freshman year. She enjoyed being a part of the organization and supported its mission. After being on a team, she then became Director of Marketing for a year followed by being Curator for TEDxPSU Continuum. Now, Leah is happy to be involved with TEDxPSU during her senior year as Assistant to the Curator. Other than listening to TED talks, her hobbies include reading and doing calligraphy. Leah can be reached at



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Partnerships Director

Devin Adams is a junior at Penn State double majoring in Rehabilitation and Human Services and English. Outside of her involvement with TEDxPSU, she is on the Club Cross Country team, the executive board for the RHS Student Organization, and she spent a semester studying abroad in Ireland. Devin is a caller at Penn State Lion Line. She has also spent many summers volunteering at Camp Abilities Pennsylvania as well as various other Camp Abilities programs, and she enjoys riding horses, running, traveling, writing, and reading. Devin can be reached at



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Content Director

Jon Albarran is a senior at Penn State double majoring in Biology (the Ecology Option) and Spanish. Jon unearthed his passion for TED talks after his high school environmental science teacher introduced him to the platform. He has been a member of the Content Team since his sophomore year, and was TEDxPSU's Assistant Content Director his junior year. In the past, Jon assisted in producing a literary magazine where he learned to work closely with writers to perfect their submissions. In addition to TEDxPSU, Jon is a member of the Penn State Physical Therapy Club and hopes to pursue a career in the field. He volunteers at local physical therapy clinics around Bucks County, PA. Outside of school, Jon is also a technology enthusiast, a wrestler, and a rap music aficionado. Jon can be contacted at


Austin Berry

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Finances Director

Austin Berry is a junior at Penn State majoring in Advertising with a minor in Digital Media Trends and Analytics. This is his second year with TEDxPSU, as he was a member of the Marketing/PR team last year. He enjoys TEDxPSU because it gives speakers the ability to share unique, captivating, and educational stories. Outside of TEDxPSU, Austin is the Director of Consulting at Happy Valley Communications, a student run marketing organization which works with local businesses. Off campus his hobbies include running, hiking with his dog, graphic design, movies, live music, and sports uniform design. Austin can be reached at



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Assistant Content Director

Kyle Funck is a sophomore at Penn State majoring in Mathematics with a minor in Economics. Kyle's enthusiasm for TED talks and helping speakers develop their ideas has led him to his position as Assistant Content Director for TEDxPSU. Kyle was a member of TEDxPSU's content team his freshman year and he is very excited to continue his journey with the organization as a director this year. Outside of TEDxPSU, Kyle is a Corporate Manager for Engineers in Action and an avid climber and hiker. Kyle can be reached at 



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Audience Engagement Director

Mufaddal Gheewala is a sophomore at Penn State majoring in Material Sciences and Engineering with a double minor in Sustainability Leadership and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He is very enthusiastic about the environment and believes that change around the world is very important. TEDx has always inspired him to open up to new ideas and innovations and this love led Mufaddal to join TEDxPSU his freshman year. Mufaddal is very excited about his role as TEDxPSU's 2021 Audience Engagement Director and feels his past experiences in event management and communication prepared him well for the role. He is a self-proclaimed basketball addict, plays first-person shooters on the side, and loves cooking. Mufaddal can be reached at  



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Front of House Director

Hannah Jarek  is a junior at Penn State majoring in Elementary Education with minors in History and Human Development and Family Studies. As a lifelong TED enthusiast, her TEDxPSU journey began freshman year as an audience member, continued into sophomore year as a member of the Operations team and she is now thrilled to be the Front of House and Ticketing Director for the 2021 Conference alongside her three Logistics Team co-directors. Outside of TEDxPSU, Hannah is involved in Penn State’s Circle K branch and tutors students in Penn State’s writing center. She enjoys spending her free time reading, crocheting, snacking, and watching Jeopardy. Hannah can be contacted at



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Logistics Director

Morgan Jones is a sophomore at Penn State double majoring in Communications Sciences and Disorders and Psychology. Originally from Ohio, Morgan's love for attending TED conferences and watching TED talks brought her to TEDxPSU her freshman year as a member of the Programming team. She loved the experience of organizing events for the club and is excited to be more involved this year as the Logistics Director. Outside of TEDxPSU, Morgan does research in the Cognition, Affect, and Temperament Lab at Penn State and is involved with many eye-tracking projects studying the attention and temperament of infants. In her free time, Morgan enjoys playing volleyball, Zumba, running, and beekeeping over the summer. Morgan can be reached at



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Technology Director

Andrew Millward is a junior at Penn State studying Computer Science and Engineering. Andrew has always liked working with teams to organize events that serve the community. His passion for technology and websites and serving the community complements his position at TEDxPSU as technology director. In addition to TEDxPSU, Andrew is the Merchandise Chair of the Schreyer Student Council where he organizes bi-weekly meetings, conducts monthly sales for the Schreyer Honors College community, and writes out a monthly merchandise plan. In his free time, Andrew enjoys working on programming projects, watching new TV shows, hiking, biking, swimming, and listening to podcasts. A fun fact about Andrew is that he summited ten mountains over 7,000 feet in elevation on foot with the highest peak being 12,441 feet in elevation. Andrew can be reached at



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Marketing Director

Grace Tomlinson is a Junior at Penn State majoring in Telecommunications and International Relations with a Certificate in Sports Journalism. Grace has been a part of the TEDxPSU marketing team since she was a freshman and will be returning for TEDxPSU 2021 as the Director of Marketing and Public Relations. As a Telecommunications major, Grace loves the idea of connecting people and working with others to help spread their messages. This is just one of the many reasons she feels so connected with TEDxPSU as a marketing director. Along with TEDxPSU Grace is an Executive Producer of 46LIVE, the official live stream that broadcasts all 46 hours of THON. She also works as a production assistant with Penn State Athletics Live Production and is a member of the Penn State Club Cross Country team. Outside of class, Grace enjoys refining her videography and photography skills. Grace can be reached at




Design Director

Cassie Luzenski is a senior majoring in Graphic Design. This is her first year with TEDxPSU and is excited to help build a brand for this years show. She loves TED because of its ability to share peoples stories and knowledge. Outside of TEDxPSU, Cassie is the Photo Director of Valley Magazine and is a member of Design Association. When Cassie isn’t in studio working, you can find her reading, exercising, or listening to music.  Cassie can be reached at





Peter Miraldi is a Teaching Professor in the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences at Penn State University. He teaches Conflict Resolution and Negotiation and Effective Speech for engineers and students with severe speech anxiety. In addition, Peter consults organizations on how to improve their communication and presentations. He is passionate about helping people find their voice and share their stories.





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