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Yuchen Fu

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Mufaddal is currently a Junior at Penn State majoring in Energy Engineering with a double minor in Sustainability Leadership and Environmental Engineering. He is very enthusiastic about the environment and sustainability as a whole and believes that change around the world is very important. This excitement has allowed him to conduct research on the Additive Manufacturing on SSE Batteries, and how this can improve the overall health of the environment in the future. Learning about the different energy processes such as the use of natural resources, extraction of oil and gas, including renewable or sustainable sources of energy, like biofuels, hydroelectricity, wind, and solar power. TEDx has always inspired him to open up to new ideas and innovations and this love led Mufaddal to join TEDxPSU his freshman year. Mufaddal is very excited about his role as TEDxPSU's 2022 Operations Director and feels his past experiences in event management and communication prepared him well for the role. He is a self-proclaimed Tennis addict, plays League of Legends on the side, and believes that cooking is an excellent stress reliever. Mufaddal can be reached at


Yuchen Fu is a Junior at Penn State University majoring in Civil Engineering and minoring in Environmental Engineering from Shanghai, China. He familiarized with TED early on by reading the “TED Talks” from Chris Anderson. The topics discussed gaged his attention and motivated him to get more involved with TEDxPSU. He thinks that TEDx is a place to learn, to open your minds for new ideas, and to make you think about your life sometimes. He is currently a part of both Operations and Salon teams, and is the current Merchandise Director. Outside TEDxPSU, he loves cooking, running, listening to podcasts (go check out his all-time favorite “How to be a better human” from TED Audio Collective), watching movies, reading, and taking pictures of food and landscapes. Yuchen can be reached at


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Connor Eibach

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Mehul Aggarwal

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Mohak Maulik Shah

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