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Mehul aggarwal

Treasurer/Finance Director 


Teresa Knowlton

Partnerships Director

Mehul Aggarwal is a sophomore majoring in Data Science in the college of IST and is also pursuing a Business certificate. He’s from Bangalore, India. He has been watching Ted talks from a very young age and finds them very intriguing and informative. Mehul is very interested in the stock market and wants to start his own company someday. In his free time, he loves to workout, listen to music, game and drive. He is also involved with THON and loves meeting new people

Teresa Knowlton is a Finance major working as the Partnerships Director during her final year at Penn State. She enjoys creating a space for people to share their stories, and enjoys meeting new people both within and outside of TED. In her free time, Teresa tries to spend as much time outside as possible and meets up with friends.

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