Upcoming TEDxPSU Events:


There is a lot of talk about the year 2050. By then, most of us here at Penn State will be at the end of what we hope will be a long and distinguished career, but that is not the only thing that will happen. The world will see around 100 trillion dollars in damages from the environment and over 150 million climate related deaths. In other words, that is like experiencing damages from WWII 500 times and suffering losses of 25 Holocausts, all at once, all over the world. The root cause is climate change.Climate change is the most pernicious issue not just of this generation, but


of human history. It is creating uninhabitable furnaces out of the cities we live in and turning zoos into museums of natural history. Climate change has been known since the 80’s; but misinformation sponsored by fossil fuel companies and spread by the media as well as the government has created skepticism around the legitimacy of climate science. Now, we find ourselves in a battle where science can win, only by having all of humanity lose.

But there is hope. Activists around the world are fighting to save our future. And many organizations are starting to recognize and acknowledge climate change for the problem that it is. This year, TEDxPSU2050 will be showcasing climate change as the problem it is and some possible solutions at the individual, local, and global levels, and it is up to all of us to see that they come to fruition.

Our event, TEDxPSU2050, is part of the TED Countdown movement. The TED Countdown event is happening on Sunday, November 14th in the Freeman Auditorium located in the HUB around 1 pm and is a TED event solely focused on climate change. During this event, we are going to be showing talks from the global TED Countdown event as well as featuring some student orgs that are focused on climate change and sustainability. The event will be focused on explaining climate change and how it disproportionately affects marginalized communities, as well as inspiring action towards solutions both at individual and organizational levels. The event will be around 2 hours long from 1-3 pm. We are partnering with the Center for Performing Arts to make the event happen and as I mentioned earlier, we will also be hosting a few student orgs.