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Bathrobe conversations

April 09, 2014

Creativity Community Social Entrepreneurship

Spud Marshall,

The most important conversations in our life typically happen in the most random of places. As founder of the co.space, Spud Marshall explores how to spark the conditions needed for these conversations to happen more regularly so they can serve as a catalyst for social change. His time is spent cura...

Ending Rape

April 04, 2016

Social Justice Gender Issues

Keith Edwards,

How can we be proactive in ending rape? Prevention means understanding who perpetrates sexual violence and how we can reach them; unlearning how we are mis-educated about consent, sex, and hooking up; identifying the cultural roots mis-educating us; and being empowered to effectively create change i...

Reconsidering the Art Museum in the 21st Century

April 04, 2016

Art Education Community

Dana Kletchka,

The perceptions and practices of American art museums have evolved over the last century, but what does this mean for art museum visitors? Art museum educator Dana Carlisle Kletchka discusses ways in which contemporary visitors engage with culture as well as common barriers to doing so, but argues t...

Unlocking Multiple Forms of Wealth

April 04, 2016

Philosophy Community Economics

Nipun Mehta,

Much of today's society is designed through the lens of financial capital, but is our world richer for it? Nipun Mehta uses that question as a springboard to make a compelling case for alternative forms of capital that are often overlooked -- like time, community and attention. Drawing on his person...

Art as Tradition in Modern Culture

June 17, 2013

Art Culture

Lonnie Graham,

Lonnie Graham, a Pew Fellow and Associate Professor at Pennsylvania State University is formerly director of Photography at Manchester Craftsmen's Guild in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There, Graham developed innovative pilot projects merging Arts and Academics, which were ultimately cited by, First La...

How to die peacefully

April 03, 2014


Jeanine Staples,

Sociocultural Literacist Jeanine Staples begins with a somber and surprising assertion. It is that sometime today, maybe tomorrow, and definitely by next week, you are going to die, and it will probably be violent. She admits that she will die too. Yet, she asserts that her death will be peaceful. I...

Catching the Fastest Particles in the Universe

April 04, 2016

Science Physics

Miguel Mostafá,

What are the most energetic particles in the Universe? Where are they coming from? And more importantly, who cares?
Miguel Mostafa is an Associate Professor of Physics, and Astronomy and Astro-
physics at Penn State University. After obtaining his Ph.D. in high energy particle
physics (measuring ...

A solution to student debts in America

April 04, 2016

Education Economics

Sajay Samuel,

With college incomes dropping, millions in America carry the burden of unpayable student debts. Only university administrators can effectively control this untenable situation. In this talk, Professor Samuel suggests that college tuition should be linked to the expected income earned from a major. P...

How Multi is My Media?

October 21, 2010

Art Design Creativity Culture


Rives designs interactive narratives for grown-ups. Part poet and part storyteller, he offers audiences uniquely intelligent and creative entertainment — too impossible to categorize for a print medium like this bio, in fact. He's extraordinarily deft with words, extremely clever, creative, and inte...

Scaling the Noösphere

October 21, 2010

Technology Biology

Richard Doyle,

Richard Doyle earned his Ph.D. in rhetoric at University of California, Berkeley. He was the Mellon Post Doctoral Fellow in History and Social Science of the Life Sciences at MIT in 1993. A professor of rhetoric at Penn State, Doyle holds appointments in English, Science Technology & Society and the...


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