Meet the Team

Our team of students has been working hard since last Spring to put together TEDxPSU. They handle every aspect of planning -- from finding speakers and promoting the event, to fostering a community and developing all of the visual content. We are proud to be so involved in our community, as every director is involved in far more than just TEDx. We hope you enjoy the show!

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Calvin Lobo


Calvin Lobo is a senior double majoring in Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering and Energy, Business & Finance. This is Calvin's 4th year with TEDxPSU. He started off as a volunteer during his freshman year, was a part of the operations team his sophomore year, was one of the co-director of operations during his junior year and is now one of the co-curators. Following his favorite TED Talk, 'How Great Leaders Inspire Action' by Simon Sinek, he hopes to build on an enthusiastic TED community to promote conversation and share ideas. Outside TED, he enjoys following the global market of energy commodities and is interested in the ways technology can shape our energy world. In his free time, he enjoys following the word of horology and aims to one day start a collection of his own.

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Deedee Spaniel


Deanna Spaniel is a Senior studying Agriculture Business with a minor in entrepreneurship. This is her first year working with Tedx PSU. She won Penn State's Ag Springboard competition in 2016 and is also the Membership Chair for Penn State Student Programming Association.

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Dor Tillinger

Director of Partnerships

Dor is a junior studying biomedical and mechanical engineering with a minor in engineering leadership and development. He volunteered with TEDx his freshman year and was part of the content team his sophomore year. He enjoys thinking abstractly and viewing subjects from multiple perspectives. Outside of TEDx he enjoys outdoor adventures and traveling.

Ayush a707f16568d9dbeeac4916c9f463c7b5b4697056332f86eea3f91ea97754fc74

Ayush Thomas

Co-Director of Partnerships

Ayush Thomas is a Senior with Penn State's Schreyer Honors College majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with minors in Microbiology and Spanish. This is Ayush's second year working with the Partnership team, and looks to continue expanding the goals of TEDxPSU as a Co-Director for the 2017-18 Exec. Team!!

Zachary a5f4e9aaf85e30895d7d67cc9d8d38248e0d422100b51bced88f378351a19d23

Zachary Wilder

Director of Programming

Zachary Wilder is a senior majoring in Energy Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. This will be Zachary's third year being involved in TEDxPSU. He started by attending the TEDxPSU conference in 2016, and continued on to be a volunteer in 2017. Zachary is very excited to work with the TEDxPSU 2018 team as a Co-Director of Programming. His interest for TED talks dates back to his early high school days, and he continues to enjoy and follow his passion of learning about new ideas. Zachary is involved in conducting undergraduate research in the Department of Materials Science, and also contributes to the National Organization for Business and Engineering as an Outreach Chair. In his free time, Zachary enjoys doing college things with his friends.

Ishan 57c83e49e5bf3f37d037010aeddec556691c1045f633fbc847c94f9bf85d4ca8

Ishan Muzumdar

Co-Director of Programming

Ishan is a Junior studying math, statistics, and economics. This is his second year being part of TEDxPSU. Prior to his role within TEDxPSU, Ishan helped organize two other TEDx events in his community. Outside of TED, his hobbies include playing basketball, biking, and listening to music. His favorite TED talk is Arvind Gupta's "Turning Trash into Toys for Learning."

Lexy d306a33bbcb8c3444a51c322da6390c837523ed8506024247f3b742db84bc36e

Lexy Babcock

Director of Content

Lexy is a junior majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Business and Liberal Arts. Aside from TEDxPSU, she is involved in the Meetings & Events Club and works as their Public Relations Chair. Lexy considers herself a cheesesteak enthusiast and always likes to remind people she's from Philly. This is Lexy's first year as part of the TEDx team, and she couldn't be more excited.

David 482e2e7cb4568dfbc5d262eaf5b927063bf5c5f3a5bf51c79ae6ece6c073b3d4

David de Matheu

Director of Technology

David de Matheu is a Senior at Penn State majoring in Computer Engineering. David has been involved with a variety on clubs and activities on campus from the Penn State Formula Racing team where he served as Electronics Lead to doing research in the Microelectronics Design Lab. David's favorite TED talk is "Persistent Experimentation" by Kelvin Doe, inspired David to explore the ideas behind entrepreneurship, tinkering and overall invention. David first got a glimpse into the TEDxPSU team as a volunteer his freshman year, coming back this year as the Director of Technology.

Kira e063b24079cd177eb5c6dab93764ba1d536263f1d341579ddc1b4f439a4401a4

Kira Robbins

Director of Operations

Kira Robbins is a junior working towards her B.F.A. in Stage Management and B.A. in Political Science with a minor in Latin American Studies. Outside of TEDx, Kira spends a majority of her time working in the School of Theatre, being a Marshal for the Performing Arts Council, and helping out with Wonderlust Theatre Co. Kira has a real obsession with education and thrives off of new forms of sharing ideas, which lends nicely to her work with TEDxPSU. Ask her about some of her favorite TED Talks - there are simply too many to mention. When she is not running from one meeting to the next, she can be found exploring new places, watching Parks & Recreation, or making spreadsheets for everything imaginable.

Chad a085371338c34a9a6ccf4395ab43178e3da7c32df0a70f8a4f420aeb442d09df

Chad Poz

Co-Director of Operations

Chad is a sophomore double majoring in Astrophysics and Physics with a minor in Astrobiology. Last year he began his TEDxPSU career as member of the operations team. As a director he hopes to bring the conference to the next level and someday see it as a staple of the Penn State experience. Chad's other passions include performing with the Penn State Thespians and No Refund Theatre, as well as flying gliders with PSU Soaring.

Robert 07bd065b9011943039d43de334fc6d0e36abc9a13394c9278ded63b12381816f

Robert Pitrovich

Director of Design

Soon to be senior in the graphic design program at Penn State University who dabbles in anything that is design with a strong interest in animation. When I’m not in the studio you’ll find me slappin’ around the tennis court or browsing my way through free on demand movies.

Megan 4ecdc016637c41edd04be3fea47da2355c3352e384b6cbe294204b62350cf248

Megan Berryman

Director of Public Relations

Megan Berryman is a senior majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Digital Media Trends and Analytics. Outside of TEDxPSU she is a part of the PR division for Valley Magazine while also balancing a digital media marketing internship with the company SportsThread. In her free time she enjoys eating, watching The Office and most of all naps.

Alice 69eaa2c145f04aa06c4fdc863f2fa946ca2ef38ffdc5be1728204d791f48a75f

Alice Liu

Director of Marketing

Alice Liu is a Junior in the Science BS/MBA Program and this is her first year working with TEDxPSU. Outside TEDxPSU, Alice works in an on-campus undergraduate research lab.

Raya 4cb399e158f1f5d239e1627f77dd4e482e88240ba9aff2c894a269a24a64e3aa

Raya Willoughby

Director of Media

Raya Willoughby is a senior at Penn State majoring in Psychology with Neuroscience as well as minoring in Biology. This is Raya's 2nd year with TEDxPSU. Outside of TED, she is a figure skating and hockey coach at Pegula Ice Arena with over 13 years of international, competitive skating experience under her belt. Off the ice, she loves photography, videography, writing, hiking and traveling. She is also active in the THON community and was given the privilege of dancing in THON 2017.

Herbert 5489e38da4cd99947cc2ac0c886cc0b87cc1bf246beda5461756958721abd61e

Herbert Reininger

License Holder, Faculty Advisor

Herbert works as Creative Director at Penn State Outreach and Online Education. He is part of TEDxPSU since its inception in 2010, first as the lead designer, then as speaker in 2013, and since 2014 he is the licensee and mentor of a yearly changing student teams who is working year round on the next iteration of TEDxPSU.