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TEDxPSU is brought to the Penn State community every year by the collective effort of our diverse and ambitious team of student-volunteers. We work for the majority of the year to put together our event, starting just several weeks after the previous conference. Do you have the skills and dedication we need for our next team? Check out our position descriptions to find your best fit, and apply here.


The Curator is the executive director of TEDxPSU. Much like a CEO, the Curator balances overseeing the big picture with executing the logistical decisions that best benefit the conference and the organization. The Curator is responsible for managing the day-to-day needs of TEDxPSU, while also executing the 5-year plan for the organization. Their role gives them the final say on the direction in which the conference is going (theme/experience). The Curator will lead and work closely with the Executive Team to execute their vision for the conference. He/she will also serve as the public face of the organization, and should be prepared represent the organization when they interact with the TEDxPSU community, PSU faculty and staff, various vendors, and other parties. The Curator can also be called upon to support the Partnerships team in securing sponsors. Strong leadership experience and an understanding of team dynamics are crucial personal traits in this position.

Director of Partnerships

The Director of Partnerships is in charge of all financial responsibilities for the organization. What this entails is contacting different organizations around the Penn State community, as well as sponsors not involved in the direct community, in order to raise adequate funding for the main conference. That said, the director is responsible for creating a “Partnership Package” to approach sponsors to invite them to join TEDxPSU. Additionally, as the treasurer of the organization, he/she is responsible for creating a budget for the conference and purchasing the necessary material for the organization, along with additional treasurer responsibilities (working with ASA/UPAC). Lastly, He/she will be working with all the other directors to make sure everything is purchased in a timely manner for the conference.

Director of Media

As the Director of Media you are responsible for the coverage of all events that TedxPSU host/co-host. This mean you will need to have a background in Photography and basic Videography. You will need to be able to edit photos and promotional videos for TEDxPSU. In order to plan for upcoming events you will be working with the Director of Programming. In order for the work to be published on our social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you will be working with the Director of Public Relations. You are in charge of our Youtube, Flickr and our Box accounts as well as a team of Photographers and Videographers.

Director of Programming

The Director of Programming is responsible for all promotional events leading up to and after the conference. This includes, but is not limited to, monthly community meetings, salons, speaking events, speakers dinner, and conference lunch and after party. Director of Programming will work closely with Director of Content to organize a Student Speaking Competition in the Fall semester and will be responsible for room bookings and dealing with the HUB Events staff throughout the year as well as recruiting and managing a team of 4 to 6 people to help accomplish these events. Director of Programming must have good problem solving and time management skills.

Director of Operations

The Director of Operations is responsible for all logistical aspects of the Conference. He/she is tasked with recruiting and managing 4-6 members on the Operations team, delegating and managing 50-60 volunteers during the conference (as well as preparing them for their duties the day of the Conference), ensuring all materials for the conference has been ordered in a timely and economically efficient manner. He/she is responsible for maintain working relationships with WPSU, the online broadcasting network, and with the production team where the conference will be held.

Director of Technology

The Director of Technology is responsible for the TEDxPSU web app as well as managing the email accounts and other communication channels of the executive board. They will work alongside the Design team to create a beautiful and effective web presence. The TEDxPSU app is built on the Ruby on Rails framework, which will be in large part managed alongside the previous director, so expertise in RoR is not required but is certainly a bonus. This is the most technical role, and requires prior knowledge of front-end web development (HTML/CSS/Javascript). You will be expected to have previous projects that show off your web development abilities to apply to this role.

Director of Content

The Director of Content is responsible for finding and working with the TEDxPSU speakers. The speaker selection process includes: nominations, applications, and interviews. In addition to thoughtful selection of speakers, it is your duty to work closely with speaker consultants out of the Communications Arts and Sciences (CAS) to help develop each speaker’s talk. You will also be responsible for creating the flow of content for the conference, communicating information to each speaker throughout the year, and facilitating all speaker requests. The Director of Content must be organized and patient with speakers, while also keeping an open mind on content from any and all disciplines.

Director of Public Relations

As Director of Public Relations you are the external point of contact and responsible for enhancing and building relationships through the media. This can range from outreach with news publications, posting on our social media accounts to keep our followers engaged, or simply networking with other organizations on or off campus for the benefit of TEDxPSU as a whole.

Director of Marketing (Co-Director of Public Relations)

As Director of Marketing you work closely with the Design Team to produce promotional materials that can be distributed throughout campus and the community. This can include but is not limited to the distribution of posters, flyers, promotional items etc. You will also work with the Director of Public Relations to establish meaningful professional relations with other organizations to enhance the overall experience for the TEDxPSU Conference.