Introducing the theme for TEDxPSU 2016:

Introducing the theme for TEDxPSU 2016:

Tickets are now available for the TEDxPSU 2016 Main Conference. Click HERE to find out more.

TEDxMidAtlantic: Our Favorite Speakers, Part II

TEDxMidAtlantic: Our Favorite Speakers, Part IILast week, we shared with you the first four talks that we liked the most at TEDxMidAtlantic.  Choosing these was incredibly difficult; eight sessions had 50 speakers that we still talk about.  This week, we’re sharing a second group of four that we absolutely loved. Thanks again, TEDxMidAtlantic for sharing such an awesome weekend with us!   Sam Berns, How To Live a Happy Life   TEDxMidAtlantic allowed for me to sit through so many amazing speakers and widen my views on so many issues pressing the world right now. One talk that really struck me was Sam Berns, a seventeen year old high school student from ...[Click to read more]

TED Talk Tuesday-Ron Finley, Guerilla Gardening in South Central LA

Time and time again, we hear about how our country isn’t getting enough fruits and vegetables; a lot of the time, the problem stems from the availability of fresh produce, the cost of produce vs. the cost of fast food, and the time it takes to cook.  Ron Finley, a South Central LA native, realized that ‘guerilla gardening’ with members of his community wold teach them how to grow food that was good for them, and start them on a life of healthy eating.  His talk, both about city gardening and sustainability, is a call to action to start gardens ...[Click to read more]

TEDxMidAtlantic: What We Thought, part 1

TEDxMidAtlantic: What We Thought, part 1This past weekend, TEDxPSU was honored to volunteer for TEDxMidAtlantic, a two day conference in the heart of our nation’s capital.  From the charisma of the speakers, to the kindness of the curators, from staying in a hostel, to being able to meet so many incredible people who do so many incredible things, the team collectively agreed that the weekend was one of the best weekends we’ve had in college. We decided to treat you to a look at who our favorite speakers were and why; not to spoil anything, but they were pretty great.  Check back next week for the ...[Click to read more]

Technology to Watch: Autonomous Cars

Technology to Watch: Autonomous CarsAutonomous cars are no longer so far out of reach. Jack Ewing of the New York Times reported that at a recent car show in Frankfurt, a Mercedes S-class pulled up in front of the crowd. Chief executive of Daimler automotive company, Dieter Zetsche, stepped out of the back seat of the car that had no driver. Daimler is not the only company interested in freeing humans of the need to drive. Various other luxury car makers have already developed cars that are capable of driving themselves. This technology could allow drivers to multi-task while driving–possibly reducing the risk of ...[Click to read more]

TED Talk Tuesday-Jack Andraka, A Promising Test for Pediatric Cancer

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. As a good friend of mine said recently, “At this point, awareness isn’t the issue. Everyone knows that pediatric cancer happens, they just think it’ll never happen to them or someone they love. What we need isn’t awareness – it’s action. We can like all of the pictures and wear all the gold we want, but ultimately, we need to do more than that.”-and she’s right. This talk gives us a better look at what we can do, or help do, in order to make a cure for cancer, a ...[Click to read more]

TED Talk Tuesday-Meg Jay, Why 30 is Not The New 20

Today’s talk is from Meg Jay, a clinical psychologist who did a talk about how young adult’s 20′s are not the time to fool around, but the time to figure out what you want from your friends, your relationships, your career, and your life. Especially poignant for those of us soon to graduate from Penn State, this talk is always a great ...[Click to read more]